Hayate The Combat Butler! Cuties Episode #02 Anime Review

The return of the Hayate series wasn’t exactly something I looked forward to with glee, but I’ll easily admit the first episode was okay. Not that that is high praise, as there are problems in that it really does once again expect you to have some familiarity with the franchise and many of the characters as a whole since it didn’t spend much – or any in some cases – time explaining who is who or even bringing a few names up from time to time. But there was a bit more cohesiveness about it all as we got to see Hayate doing his job and seeing Maria watch and worry over him a bit. It worked through a number of the characters with their interactions with each other and how the residence was set up at the moment, but it also didn’t really do anything of note. Which isn’t bad if it helps to set the foundations. But it doesn’t feel like it really did all that much in that regard. READ MORE...


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