Hayate The Combat Butler! Cuties Episode #06 Anime Review

As the show has varied its focus from single characters to two over the first five of its run, the sixth episode is one that brings in a few people, ostensibly with Izumi as more of a central mix as part of the Hakuou Three Amiga, with Izumi being the Red member of it. The show give sus some fun right from the start with the way that there’s plenty of comedy about each other with how they treat each other, trying to pin some of it on the cue cards of all things, but there’s also the problem that there’s a big guilt by association problem going on within the group where even if someone thinks they’re smart, they get dragged down by the other two on a regular basis. And as they have varied levels of interest in Hayate, they don’t want to appear stupid in front of him. Of course, the way they deal with it just makes them look even worse. READ MORE...


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