Hayate The Combat Butler! Cuties Episode #08 Anime Review

One of the characters that I’ll admit that I liked a bit if only because of her longer relationship and the way she acts is Ayumu. A lot of the cast kind of leaves me cold when you get outside some of the smaller core characters that have been there from the start since the show always felt like it was just adding more and more for the sake of having more girls, as it mirrored what the manga was doing to varying degrees .But even the anime kept from adding all of them as it went on, which is why we’ve had a few appearing in this series that haven’t shown up before, which admittedly has felt a bit fresh. Going back to Ayumu here though is pretty welcome since as we see at the start, all she can talk about is Hayate and he’s gotten the short end of the stick for a lot of this season. READ MORE...


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