Hayate The Combat Butler! Cuties Episode #10 Anime Review

As much as Nagi is the main female character of the series, the one that has generally drawn the most attention is that of Maria. With her being the working woman of the series that’s always there to help and serve, she’s been an instrumental character that has set things right and kept the ship steady in the same way that Hayate does. But unlike Hayate, she generally doesn’t get drawn into the problematic side of things like he does, simply because she’s not the catalyst that he is. This keeps her a bit more innocent and pure in a way, but she’s also the mother figure in other ways which makes for a complicated relationship with everyone else. That said, she manages to be the most appealing character for many simply because of her self-assured nature that stands in contrast for the very uncertain younger set that populates the series. READ MORE...


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