Hayate The Combat Butler! Cuties Episode #11 Anime Review

With Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties entering its final two episodes, it’s not much of a surprise that they’ll try and change things up a bit. And in a way, they really need to as the previous episode reinforced for many that Maria is the girl to beat when it comes to truly pairing up Hayate. And when you look at so many of the other girls in the series this season so far, it’s really no contest at all as it progressed. The show had a good element of fun and whimsy about it with the right amount of nudging romance and slight seriousness to give it just enough weight. This episode takes the formula of the last ten episodes though and pretty much chucks it out the window in favor of a two part serious storyline that gets a big nod towards being written by Kenjiro Hata. READ MORE...


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