Zettai Boei Leviatan Episode #04 Anime Review

After spending an episode in the belly of the beast, in quite the literal way, the girls have now managed to come together a bit more. That they finally worked together well and did what was needed helped a lot in making them feel more like a team. But it didn’t exactly make the show a must-watch yet either as there wasn’t exactly much compelling with the low rent animation and bland beyond words story. Just the CG animation for the dragon alone practically made me want to turn it off. But with that done, the girls are back to their normal lives for the moment and we see some of how they deal with things, such as Leviatan’s worry over where her brother disappeared to and Jormungand’s home life with all the kids that she takes care of, which definitely gets Syrop interested in what’s going on as there’s so much food. READ MORE...


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