Ewww. Mila's collection was old and ugly and I would not wear any of them except the first jacket that we saw. None of the stuff we saw was original or unique. All those designs have been seen and done before. Plus - it was another black and white collection. NO COLORS. come on!!

Jay's was unique and very well designed. He could have easily toned down his collection for the final runway show. I loved his clothes and I could not believe that the judges chose Mila's Horrendous collection over Jay's.

I'm actually disgusted with this entire season. It is clearly fixed and the judges obviously have certain designers that are their favorites and no matter what they do, they don't get voted out.

Jay was robbed tonight and I've decided that I am not watching this show any more.


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Apr 19, 2010 12:32PM EDT

i was so sad, the whole time we all knew jay wasnt going to be chosen it was so obvious from the start, he was way more creative, she just took black and white and put it together in this plain little neat world of hers where every1 only wears sad tones thats it like watching black n white tv all over again. This is just sad and especially when anthony went as well MILA SUX she should have been kicked off first couple of weeks coz she has no style or creativity she is color blind n needs to be sent to like the 60's

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