'Dexter' Season 8 episode 2 recap: Dexter bonds with his new mom

On the latest "Dexter," we learn much more about his new mom and watch the Dexter/Deb relationship continue to unravel. Dr. Vogel reveals to Dexter about her involvement with Harry -- not romantic involvement, but how he sought her out for advice when he started to realize what Dexter was. Dr. Vogel helped develop Dexter's code, but stayed away from him at Harry's request. In a heartbreaking peek into Dexter's psyche, he says to Evelyn, "I could've used someone to talk to after Harry died, someone who knew what I was going through. ... I was young and I was all alone."This is a relationship we cannot wait to watch develop, especially because Dr. Vogel has asked Dexter to hunt down and kill the Brain Surgeon, who appears to be one of her former patients who is targeting her. The final frames, where Evelyn tells Dexter that he's perfect and hugs him was a beautiful...



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