Continuum Season 2 Review - Seconds

There are certainly no easy answers to the mysteries of Continuum, demonstrated more than ever by the philosophical ponderings of Kiera and co. in episode nine, ‘Seconds’. After a two week break, the show is back and heading towards another fantastic finale. Julian is the focus of the episode as he is given his freedom, only to quickly face an assassination attempt that injures his mother instead. I’m fond of Julian if only because his presence as a villainous force on the show puts Alec in a seriously ambiguous position on the line between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. He has a loyalty to Keira and an awareness of his own dubious future, but he also can’t shed the familial connection he has to Julian, no matter what he’s involved in. I guess this is the same problem the pair faced in the Keira-less timeline, even if both realities will likely result in them at odds with each other. These questions are what sets Continuum apart from other similar shows, and I’m glad they haven’t been forgotten. READ MORE...


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