True Blood's Rob Kazinsky on His Character's Big Reveal

Last night's episode of True Blood revealed the true identity of Warlow, the vampire who killed Sookie Stackhouse's parents and who might be the only entity able to kill Billith. (So, needless to say, spoilers follow.) Although we were first introduced to Ben Flynn as a human-faerie hybrid, it turns out that he is an entirely new kind of supernatural species: a vampire-faerie hybrid. He can walk in the sun, read minds, banish someone to another dimension, glamour humans, and his blood — which glows! — also has a vampire's usual healing and seduction properties. Yet he seems immune to silver, at least if it's only trace amounts in Sookie's home cooking. Actor Rob Kazinsky, who is also in Pacific Rim this week, chatted with Vulture about finding out he was Warlow, dressing and undressing the part, and what would happen if his character could breed.



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