The Killing Recap: Shepherd and Flock

It’s episodes like this one that make me wish the Killing weren't a show about trying to solve a single case. Or that it at least better understood that a detour doesn’t have to involve chasing dead-end leads. Both Holder and Linden are potentially such complicated, interesting characters. One of the best episodes of last season mainly featured the two of them sitting in their car, getting to know each other. Last night we got nice glimpses of that dynamic again but only interspersed between their pursuing another probable red herring. Because even though I too saw the blood in the pastor’s backseat and the ending where he holds a knife to Linden’s throat, we are, after all, only on episode seven. Which means unless the show has made like the computer in War Games and learned how to learn, that dude is not our killer. I’m hoping that I’m wrong about this.


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