'Siberia' episode 2: Did 'A Question of Reality' make you question the reality?

After a creepy and disturbingly authentic premiere, did "Siberia" live up to its faux-reality promise in the second episode, "A Question of Reality"? That is to say, could anyone in the audience believe what they saw to be real?Is maybe a good answer?If only all reality were this entertaining ...The best and worst part of "Siberia" may just be its entertainment value. It's fun to watch this fast-dwindling group of idiots march to their inevitable demise at the hands (claws? tentacles?) of whatever doom awaits them! The stories work, the tension builds, and each contestant slowly becomes a recognizable human.That might be the problem. What reality shows can offer all of this? No matter how seriously participants take their reality shows, everyone knows that none of it matters. But in the fictional world of "Siberia," this is actual life or death. It's hard to reconcile this.Creepy things that happened this timeWith Tommy's death ruled...



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