'Under the Dome' - 'Manhunt': Is Big Jim after Deputy Linda?

On the latest "Under the Dome," the dynamic in the town's power takes an interesting shift. Big JimPaul Randolph goes off into the woods like a crazy person and it's Big Jim/Barbie and Deputy Linda who take him down. Linda's shooting of Paul is what brings Big Jim around that she's ready to be sheriff. This is a huge departure from teh book, as in the book, Randolph succeeds Duke Perkins and Linda is working against Big Jim. But as the book spans a week and the show is designed to span more time, this is actually a really intriguing plotline. Randolph was always kind of a boring character for us in the book and we find it much more interesting that Linda, a character we like and care about already on the show, would be the new sheriff and therefore trapped between her morals and Big Jim's influence. It was one of two bright...



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