'Big Brother 15': Was Jeremy warned about a gay slur? Aaryn and GinaMarie not taking the hints

It would seem that CBS is maybe trying to tell the idiot "Big Brother 15" houseguests who keep using horrible slurs to cut it out -- but some of them just won't get the hint. You can follow along on the live feeds, it's certainly interesting.First off, Monday (July 8) afternoon, some of the houseguests were sitting around outside quizzing each other on their personal lives, to see how well they know each other by now. When Amanda asks the group, "What's my boyfriend's name?", Jeremy's response was, "F*****." He was promptly called to the Diary Room. About 30 minutes after he came out of the Diary Room, a discussion started in the backyard about gay marriage and gay rights. We don't know who started the discussion, the feeds were on fish and when they came back, the discussion was already taking place between Jeremy, Andy and Aaryn. Now, some people are saying that Jeremy...



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