'Off Their Rockers': Ed Asner reunites with Betty White

"Off Their Rockers" had a special guest star for the finale Tuesday (July 9). Ed Asner was on hand to help Betty White with her pranks, reuniting the pair that co-starred on "The Mary Tyler Moore" show for four years nearly three decades ago.Asner and White had an on-going skit for the episode where they were alternately dating after meeting on the internet, or that Asner was a celebrity bachelor White won in an auction -- "he was the only one who could tie a cherry stem in a knot in three seconds flat."We were actually disappointed not to see Ed Asner prank some youngsters. You know there are plenty of young people out there who would have no idea who is Asner is and would think he was just some random old man.Did you enjoy the "Off Their Rockers" finale?...



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