'Big Brother 15': GinaMarie worried about her reputation - but not for the reason you think

GinaMarie Zimmerman continues to be quite the contradiction in the "Big Brother 15" house. Find out how below, or sign up for the live feeds to watch her shenanigans for yourself.So, GM is in a fauxmance with hamster Nick. They hang out together a lot, but he has not made any move on her other than to cuddle a little. It's pretty clear that he wants things to remain platonic, but he's afraid of rejecting her and incurring her wrath. Last night, GM let him know that she's a little suspicious of him. "I'm a true person and I say s*** -- I'm not shady. If I find out anything you lied to me about or anything, I'm telling you Nick, do not f*** with me. ... 'Cause people try to drop hints at me for some reason ... that you're f***ing playing me out. ... I'm getting a little suspicious that [Aaryn's] trying to...



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