Pacific Rim’s Guillermo del Toro on 3-D, Long Movies, and Mexican Matinees

The names (Stacker Pentecost, Newton Geizler) are baroque and the terms (jaeger, kaiju) are confounding. But the idea behind this weekend's Pacific Rim is a fairly straightforward one — giant monsters fight giant robots. Boom. Done. You either get it or you don't. It's Del Toro's first movie behind the camera since 2008's Hellboy II. In that time, he was attached to two big-budget projects that both failed to pan out (the Tom Cruise–starring At the Mountains of Madness and The Hobbit — which was taken over by Peter Jackson after Del Toro put more than a year of work into it). Regardless, he got to do his blockbuster, for Pacific Rim is easily the biggest movie he's ever worked on. Vulture spoke to Del Toro about robots, blockbusters, and his famous director friends.



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