'Camp' review: NBC's summer dramedy should be sent home early for bad behavior

"Camp" is the sort of show that gives scripted summer TV a bad name. Broad, cheap and tedious, it wouldn't have the slightest chance of cracking a major network's schedule during the regular season. But in the summer -- or so the theory goes -- anything can draw some fans, simply because there's so little competition. Not that that line of thinking is helping ABC's "Mistresses" or NBC's "Crossing Lines." In the age of DVRs, on demand, streaming, YouTube and so many other entertainment options, the networks have more competition than they want to admit. "This is not going to be some coming-of-age movie," nerdy lead Kip (Thom Green) announces when he's dropped off to be a counselor-in-training at Little Otter Family Camp. "This is not going to be the greatest summer of my life." Irony alert! That wink-wink dialogue isn't actually representative of the show's snoozy earnestness. It's apparently included just so we know...



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