Project Runway is going down the crapper..

This is the third time this season that most viewers disagreed with the judge's decision about who should go home and who should win the challenges.

Emilio's print this week was amateur and his in his final design - the jacket was not at all flattering and the dress was just basic. He shouldn't have left this week based on that design but he definitely shouldn't have won. 3rd place I would have been ok with.

Maya's design on the other hand was flattering and unique and even the judges said that her print was the best. She went out of her comfort zone and did fantastic and the judges didn't reward her. Very disappointing.

Seth Aaron and Jay were the only 2 correct decisions this time. Seth Aaron deserved second place to Maya's first and Jay was perfectly safe.

In the final three Mila's outfit was definitely the worst this week. It was ugly and unflattering and nothing about it was original at all and yet, she was 3rd from the bottom, not even in the bottom 2!!!! Ridiculous. Mila should have been the one to go last night. In fact, she should have gone a long time ago. She's more of a one trick pony than Anthony was and yet Anthony got voted out for that exact reason last night.

The judge's mocking and rudeness with Jonathan was unnecessary and cruel and he had every right to be angry. I actually liked his print and his dress was DEFINITELY better than Mila's. The jacket was ugly, and did look a little like a straight jacket, but Michael Kors mocking when Jonathan put the jacket back on his model Kerri was disgusting and rude and I lost a lot of respect for him then.

This is the third time this season that the judges have made really bad calls on the designers. I'm going to watch how the rest of this season plays out just because I want to see who will win, but after that - I'm done with Project Runway.

They just lost a loyal fan because of their stupid politics.



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Mar 26, 2010 7:50PM EDT

I think you make good points - agree that Mila's was the worst and she has without a doubt, overstayed her welcome.
It's interesting too to me that they would edit it to have Tim Gunn's comments (basically, that Emilio's print sucked) seem so contradictory to what the judges said ("Emilio, this print is amazing!"). While fashion is subjective, it kind of seems like someone in this instance has to be wrong...and like you point out...definitely the judges!

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Mar 27, 2010 8:00PM EDT

I can not believe that "Mila" still on the competition. Her fabric and dress was the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
She just makes black and white outfits, and when she tries to use colours she always gets them completely wrong.
It is clear that the jury is trying to save her reputation, but it is working on my nerves to see that she is making it this far with so little to show for.
I am definitely disappointed and even losing the wish of watching it.
She should have been sent home long ago.

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Apr 3, 2010 9:34AM EDT

I agree with all of the points made here but especially the one about mocking the contestants. It is unnecessary and rude; one of the reasons why I prefer American reality competitions to those outside America is because our judges tend to focus on constructive criticism as opposed to just mocking the contestants, as if they obviously have not suffered enough trying to make spectacular dresses in insane time frames. Michael Kors may be a big shot designer but I seriously doubt that he became a judge on Project Runway just to rub it in other people's faces and Heidi may be a big time model but she clearly cannot inspect clothes with the eye (or the words) of an actual designer. For all intents and purposes she just represents the average consumer who happens to look really good and can therefore be extra snarky. Even Jessica Alba was a better judge than Heidi, more technical critique, less maliciousness.

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