'Big Brother 15': GinaMarie's aging womb, Jeremy gets his head in the game

The live feeds have been pretty glorious after Nick's unceremonious eviction from the "Big Brother 15" house. Sign up to watch for yourself, or just keep reading to find out what's been happening. So, we thought GinaMarie would become a profanity-spewing rage monster in the wake of Nick's ouster, but instead she has melted to a gooey puddle of desperation and tears. She is bawling her eyes out and saying things like:I haven't felt like that for two years ... two years, two whole years. I'm 32 years old ... OH. MY. GOD, lady. Pull it together! She's crying like she's a childless 48-year-old woman whose last chance at sweeping the cobwebs from her aging womb was just killed. He was getting closer to me day by day, I could tell. He hugged me a little bit more and he touched my hand a little bit more. If I would've had like two more weeks...



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