Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review Gamma Zeta Die!

In the latest episode of "Pretty Little Liars", we got another piece of the puzzle, and as per usual, it only raised more questions than it answered. In the amusingly-titled "Gamma Zeta Die!" we saw a college sorority that Alison may have interacted with somehow. Was that her in the picture at the end? Did she pose as a college student once upon a time? Hard to say, but that "panic room" sure was creepy-looking, what with those fingernail scratches on that ominous-looking door and the weird switches and dials outside of it. Granted, Spencer’s discovery of it was a bit random and somewhat dubious, but I guess it was a necessary evil to do it that way. Otherwise, how would we have gotten that information, really? We also know that there was a former house mother by the name of Carla Grunwald at the sorority that engaged in some shady behavior, and looked like a stern German dominatrix, complete with that sizable paddle on the wall at her disposal. (Cue the: "Thank you, ‘mam, may I have another?") Did Ali get a hold of someone she couldn’t handle? READ MORE...


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