'Big Brother 15': Aaryn keeps digging her own grave

There's a new sheriff in town in the "Big Brother 15" house -- and the ones that just fell from power are not happy about it. Strap in, because there is mondo drama to be aired.Mean Aaryn and Hysterical GinaMarieThe fallout from Nick's eviction was swift and crazy. GinaMarie lost her ever-loving mind, talking about how she just needed a couple more weeks to get Nick to, we don't know, start boning her? Her Nancy Kerrigan, "Whyyyyy" was amazing. She's crazypants, the live feeds were awesome that night.Awesomely, what we didn't get to see while Julie was interviewing Nick was that GinaMarie started yelling about how the people that just played them are losers and scrubs. We would suggest that we play a drinking game where you drink every time GM reminds us she's from New York, but you'd be wasted halfway through the show. And Aaryn and Kaitlin are mad about Nick's ouster, but...



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