True Blood Season 6 episode 5 recap: Sex won't make the pain go away

Poor Sookie. Over the course of "True Blood's" six seasons she's lost most things she holds dear, and tonight she learned that her parents, who died when she was young, tried to kill her to prevent her from being turned into a vampire. Though Warlow did murder her parents, it turns out that he did so to prevent them from killing Sookie to keep her away from him. To make matters worse, her father possesses Lafayette and tries to complete the task that was interrupted by Warlow killing him so long ago. When Jason started having visions of racist versions of his parents (which disappeared just because, apparently), those seemed like extreme versions of the sweet Stackhouses. Not so, as it turns out -- and Sookie is down yet another two family members and people who were supposed to love her in a normal, not psychotic way. At least she no longer has Warlow breathing...


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