Devious Maids episode 4 recap: Making Your Bed - now who will lie in it?

It's not that the maids on "Devious Maids" are flawless, but most of the people around them, with one exception, are so much worse.Genevieve (Susan Lucci, who gets a little more luminous each episode) is the lone exception. Sure, she's vain, ditzy, helpless and shallow, but she's incredibly sweet and all she wants is for everyone to be in love.Her long-lost brother, Henri, (Richard Burgi) returns home after a long absence -- three husbands ago for Genevieve -- and tells her, lovingly, that she looks emaciated."You always say the sweetest things," she coos.Henri is the rich man who broke Zoila's (Judy Reyes) heart. If Valentina (Edy Ganem) is their child, it wasn't confirmed. Some of this episode's best scenes show the dynamic between Genevieve and Valentina and how they have been part of each other's lives for decades.While that's all sweetness and light, there's enough devious behavior to go around. And with that in mind,...


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