Dexter Recap: Dr. Vogel Takes Over

In what’s shaping up to be a fantastic end to the series, this is the best episode of the season so far. It has a little bit of everything — great acting, multiple “holy shit” moments, and the return of Dexter’s kill table. Is it sick that I’ve missed seeing a murderous sleaze-bag wrapped in plastic, moments from a violent death? Yes. But that’s always been part of the show’s success — the “so wrong it’s right” factor.

That note is struck in the opening scene, with a rather sick but clever fake-out involving Harrison and a box of Yum Yum Pops. That trail of red and his little feet on what looks like a bloody floor are well played. If only Dexter had some Pepto-Bismol of the soul that Deb could chug to feel better. He spends the rest of the episode looking for a way to save her, which is a tough task — especially considering he’s the one who sent her over the edge.



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