THE BRIDGE Review: FX's Border Crime Drama Builds Slowly, But Is Worth the Wait

Though the setup of FX’s new drama series The Bridge has a litany of familiar crime show elements — a straight-laced female detective paired with a laid-back male cop, for starters — over its first few episodes it unfolds into a beautiful patchwork of sprawling storytelling that is linked through a serial killer with political agenda, but not beholden to it. The Bridge is adapted from a Scandinavian drama of the same premise, where detectives from two different border towns must work together when a body is found severed on the borderline itself. In FX’s version, the border is the United States and Mexico, and the towns El Paso and Juarez, the latter being a notorious site of drugs and violence, particularly against women. The serial killer who left the severed body has a statement to make about the crimes in Juarez and about immigration, and the story goes deep when exploring it. Hit the jump for more on why you should, no matter what, watch past the pilot. READ MORE...


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