The White Queen Season 1 Episode 5 Review

Hurrah! After five weeks of endless conversations, exposition sessions and hang-wringing, The White Queen finally gives us a look at the epic battles fought over the throne, proving that the war is bloody and brutal enough to be worth all the trouble. It’s a relief simply because, otherwise, the tedium of The White Queen was threatening to become too much for even the most forgiving of viewers. There were a few deaths also, with Warwick, Mad King Henry, Henry Stafford and Anne’s horrible husband all departing to make way for some of the more interesting players. It’s still confusing, but losing some characters that we didn’t really need (bar Warwick) is a fortunate take from the history books. This is about the women, of course, and a bit of death and trauma never hurt into spurring them on to victory. Anne, for example, really gets her chance to shine this week, as she stands up to Margaret of Anjou and returns to sister Isobel. READ MORE...


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