'Pretty Little Liars' introduces 'Ravenswood' in 'Under the Gun'

On the latest "Pretty Little Liars," the spin-off location of Ravenswood is introduced -- and it's just as creepy as we were expecting. A/AlisonSpencer and Toby track Carla Grunwald, the sorority housemother that Alison was calling in her secret torture room, to Ravenswood, the town that apparently both time and color forgot. There's a Scooby Doo-villain caretaker at the Grunwald address, but no Carla -- instead, she's getting her hair done. She also claims to have no idea who Alison is, just in time for the noon whistle to blow signaling that everyone is on break from the mine. Or, in this town, the noon creepy song signaling that everyone should shamble like zombies to the graveyard and gather 'round the angel statue.Shana's there paying homage and after she's given up her animal sacrifice or whatever it is they're doing, she speeds away in Jenna's mustang. Spoby would've given chase, except they are stopped cold...



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