Catfish Recap: Apparently Happy Endings Do Exist on the Internet

Hot, normal girls do not have to resort to online relationships with men they’ve never met.

That’s what many people think. Breaking that big misconception was why, more than its happy ending, this week’s Catfish was a powerful experience. Internet love is not some ghetto for misshapen and/or damaged goods, but it feels like almost every week, there’s a catch with the catfishee in the form of some major baggage driving them to the delusion. This week, when Nev and Max got on the webcam with Lauren, it was clear even they were taken aback by her giant smile and outgoing personality. They commented, veiled or otherwise, on her utter sparkle no fewer than five times. There was an underlying tone there that Lauren was above the treatment she was receiving from her online beau of eight years, Derek.

And yeah, it kinda seemed like it had something to do with the fact that she appeared to have not a single thing wrong with her, unless you’re going to hold it against her that she has a young son (and some men certainly would). So shame on Nev and Max — but damn if Catfish’s first-ever happy ending didn’t steal the show. It probably didn’t help that MTV hammed it up with a live after-show, in which we learned precisely nothing except that the happy couples supposedly did not bang the first time they met IRL (props on the self-control, eight years during your teen years and early twenties is brutal).



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