'Big Brother 15': Who's going home Week 3?

When there are weeks in the "Big Brother" house where it seem as though someone is a sure-fire person to evict, the game play gets pretty slow. The live feeds have mostly been people just sitting around talking -- though at least one person is trying to play the game. Jeremy was the replacement nominee after Kaitlin won the Power of Veto and took herself off the block. He was the target all along by HOH Helen and her group, and it's looking as though he's probably out the door. But he's pretty much promising the moon to anyone who will listen to him (Helen and Elissa in particular) in order to keep him around. To their credit, Helen and Elissa have made it clear to him that if he were to stay, it would be at Aaryn's expense, not Spencer's. And Jeremy seems OK with that. However, it sounds like Helen and Elissa are...



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