Predictions on how this whole Shaw thing is going to play out...

Wow, well done writers, I did not see that coming!! And it has been a really long time since I can actually say that about an episode of Chuck, so I really appreciated it.

Spoiler Alert!! - Do not continue if you have not watched the latest episode.

So....Sarah killed Mrs. Shaw in her red test...Wow...incredible twist!

Shaw finds this out from The Ring, and loses it and ends up kidnapping one knows where he's taking her, or what he has planned.

Ofcourse, this happens after Casey confesses to Sarah that Chuck didn't kill the mole, but he did and Sarah decides to quit spy life and run away with Chuck. Unfortunately, before she can do any running, Shaw whisks her away to exact his revenge for killing his wife.

Now, based on how tonight's episode went down, I have a couple of predictions about what is going to happen next. I might be right or wrong...they are only guesses, but I can't help but share what I think will happen.

Obviously, the whole 'Operation: Get-Sarah-Back' was an indicator of who Chuck is going to pick as his own personal 'team'. Somehow, Casey, Awesome and Morgan are all going to be a part of it...with Chuck and Sarah is Chuck after all...he won't pick the creme-de-la-creme of the CIA, he's gonna go with his ususal...

Another obvious prediction is that Chuck is going to end up being the hero who saves Sarah from the crazed, revenge-driven Shaw. The interesting part is how he does it...

Chuck has 'failed' his red test so he's actually not a real spy yet...we know that, Casey and Sarah know it and Chuck knows it. This situation needs to be corrected, or else all will not be well in Burbank. I think that in order to save his beloved Sarah, Chuck will have to kill Shaw and as a result, become a real spy without losing Sarah in the process...because he will do it in the most humane, heartfelt and un-spy-like way that anyone can possibly kill another human being. The end result: Chuck becomes a spy and gets the girl...for a while at least, until the writers find another way to keep them apart, or they actually decide to write a brand new creative storyline where Chuck and Sarah are together, but find other ways of keeping the drama alive...well, we can only dream...

Anyways, let me know your thoughts/views/predictions of where this is all headed... :)



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Mar 30, 2010 6:19PM EDT

I figured the person Sarah killed in her Red Test was going to be important (because they showed it) but I never thought it would be Shaw's wife. I was still surprised that Shaw took it so hard given Sarah had already confessed to Shaw the details of her Red Test (no name, just a photo and a time), I figured he would be more interested in finding out who ordered Sarah's Red Test. I predict Shaw will be killed at least once (just because someone is killed doesn't mean they can't come back, Bryce anyone) before the end of the season
As for Chuck killing someone, he did kill two people (Uncle Bernie and the Fulcrum Director) with the "Morgan" and Sarah was ok with that. The problem being the Red Test is not about killing, it's about executing someone, two very different things. I also find it difficult to believe that every "agent" in the CIA and the NSA, is not an "agent" until they execute someone.
Despite this, now the higher ups believe Chuck has passed his Red Test, he should be good to go. If he assembles his team like I believe he will (Sarah, Casey, and Morgan - Captain Awesome will be in Africa with Ellie), any calls for executions could be handled by Casey or Sarah since Chuck has already proved he can love Sarah even after he saw her execute the Fulcrum spy in season two.
I don't see why Chuck and Sarah can't be a couple and a team, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, with Casey and Morgan for Chuck's comedic foil, Katrina for Sarah, and the Captain and Ellie for the couple. Or even skip ahead a few years with Sarah and Ellie arranging play dates for their toddlers while the toddlers receive instruction for Crazy grandpa Steve, and unofficial uncles Casey and Morgan. Casey's daughter Alex will endup being the preschool teacher of the Bartowski and Awesome children and the Casey's secret will be exposed when she demands a meeting with the irresponsible (Casey) idiot who taught a three year old martial arts.
Other predictions, the Jeffster Music Video that has been hinted at will become an internet viral hit and Jeff and Lester will leave on a Global Tour. They will still have cameo appearances on the show as Team Bartowski missions coincide with Jeffster tour dates.
The new Awesomes (Devin and Ellie) will go to Africa with Medicines Sans Frontiers and during their time there they will discover something nasty. Devin (who is in on the Spy secret) will get in contact with Chuck and pass the information on. This will result in at least two shows as Team Bartowski swoop in to make things right and as a byproduct Ellie will join the Spy secret group.
Big Mike will be brought into the spy secret group as the station manager (either as the owner of his Buy More store or Big Mike will be made the owner of the Orange/ Orange which he will convert into a Subway) for Castle, since one hopes that all the money spent building the huge underground spy complex won't be wasted when Team Bartowski starts venturing away from Burbank. If they move Big Mike to the Orange/ Orange, maybe they could have a story line that would feature Harry Tang being recruited by Fulcrum/ Ring, placed in the Burbank Buy More as store manger, and tasked with getting the goods on Big Mike. In this situation, it would also be interesting to throw the Lady Tang against Morgan's mother.
To finish up, I would like to thank NBC for ordering the back nine episodes as there is so much currently dangling it would have made for a very long summer. Also I have purchased both seasons on DVD and there are three things I wish they would do for Season Three. The first season include a commentary with the serie's creators and stars, I loved it and I missed it in the second season. Also I hope they don't wait so long (I couldn't get the second season until January) before releasing season three and make the Blu-Ray version more available.

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Mar 30, 2010 7:38PM EDT

I forgot Fitzroy, "Son of the King," I loved his character. Maybe he could be assigned to Team Bartowski as the gadget person, a "James Bond" Q. I can just imagine Morgan getting loose in Ftizroy's laboratory, or the two of them collaborating as Morgan brings his computer gaming fantasy land weapons ideas to Fitzroy, Fitzroy efforts to explain why it can't be done, and the resulting mayhem resulting in some knd of success.

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