RED 2 - Review

You can certainly see the lure of doing a sequel to RED, the 2010 sleeper hit that first gathered a cast of mostly middle-aged (or older) actors into the world's unlikeliest globe-trotting kamikaze SWAT team. The original film, based on the DC comic-book series, had a B-movie extravagance that was disarmingly friendly. The plot was just pulp to chew on, but the characters made for lively company, and I was happy at the prospect of spending more time with them. To say that RED 2 is a worthy follow-up is to say that it's another piece of smartly preposterous trash, with a countdown-to-Armagedden plot that's a little too arbitrary and complicated for its own good. This time, our heroes have to track a rogue nuke that's set to go off in the middle of Moscow; they're also out to clear their names in a Cold War scandal that dates back to the '80s. Even more than the first time, Bruce Willis' chemistry with Mary-Louise Parker has a spiky charm, and I enjoyed the killer charisma of Byung-hun Lee as a newly added assassin who can murder you with a piece of origami — though he's a perfect example of a character who's in the mix because he's more colorful than essential. READ MORE...


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