No Movie With This Much Ass-Kicking Should Feel So Lifeless

If the very idea of aging, respected actors going "chuk-chuk" as they pump shotguns makes you titter with glee, then by all means don’t let me stop you from seeing Red 2, because it certainly delivers on that score. What some of us call the Fallacy of the Profane Grandpa — older actors saying and doing wacky, nasty things — has been around forever. (Alan Arkin won an Oscar for it not too long ago.) Now we have the Fallacy of the Locked and Loaded Grandpa (and Grandma). It’s a gag that wore out its welcome long ago; I vaguely recall laughing back in 1993, when Hard Target featured a slow-motion shot of Wilford Brimley riding away in slo-mo from an exploding house. Today it’s just another thing.



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