Continuum Season 2 Review “Second Guess”

This week’s Continuum, ‘Second Guess’ welcomed back season one evil mastermind Kagame, and the episode sure didn’t waste the opportunity of having actor Tony Amendola in the vicinity. Lucas’ madness has gotten worse and now the visions of dead Liber8 members are giving him orders. A mad terrorist is doubly dangerous and, after a cyber attack is unleashed on Vancouver, Keira and co. must figure out from which villainous organization the threat stems. The first to get the finger pointed is obviously Julian, who denies any involvement but decides to pin it on Alec anyway. Over at the lab, Kellogg is growing increasingly concerned with where his investment is heading, as well as facing off with Escher and switching allegiances long enough to ask Sonya for help. Kellogg was actually in this episode longer than he has been all season, and I have to say it was lovely to have him back. Chaos has ensued and everyone with ties to Liber8 (which, by my count, is everyone) is being questioned. READ MORE...


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