The Killing Season 3 Review “Reckoning”

After last night, there are only two episodes remaining of the third season of The Killing. The lackadaisical pacing of the majority of the season has been abandoned and we are now hurtling towards the discovery of the serial killer’s identity. This means that the body count is going to increase as the suspect list narrows. The newest victim was surprising, if not unexpected – Bullet. At the end of last week, we saw that Bullet was being stalked. She had learned the identity of Angie’s attacker and wanted to share the intel with Holder. He was still mad at her and not taking her calls, though. My initial reaction was that it didn’t make sense that the killer would know that Bullet had learned his identity. Thus, how could he be lying in wait outside the diner? There is now one plausible explanation. Holder learns that Bullet tried calling him at the station. Reddick did not relay the message. That sets up the possibility that the killer is someone in the police department. Since the beginning, I’ve suspected Reddick. But, there is another potential suspect. Skinner has a connection to the Seward murder and could also be the killer. If that is the case, we should expect to see Linden come completely unhinged. READ MORE...


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