Ummm..i'd just like to point out that while Annie did hit something (NOT necessarily a person...although it did look like it) and she did 'run', there is no real proof that she hit/killed a person...and, if it was a person, where did they come from?? whoever/whatever it was, it had to already be on the road when she hit it coz the street was clear until we heard the bump...


We only saw her starting at the bottle of vodka...i dont believe we actually ever saw her drink from looked pretty full to am i mistaken? did they actually show her drink from it?



Default avatar cat
May 22, 2009 1:52PM EDT

No they never showed her actually drink from it. Plus when she grabbed the bottle from the party it was already open and a quarter of it was already gone, I guess that's why she freaked out cuz if the police were to see that it was already open they wouldn't really slow down to listen to reason... and about the person she hit I dunno I didn't see anyone there, but Ethan isn't supposed to be returning next season so ya never know....

Large newrachelimage
May 22, 2009 5:02PM EDT

Yeah I too think it's Ethan, but maybe the way they will get around Annie being a total juvenile delinquent is like you pointed out - she wasn't actually drunk though it appeared otherwise - and thus if it was just an accident Ethan can not press any charges and then move away.

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