'Under the Dome': 'Blue on Blue' has the town going nuclear over a missile

On the latest "Under the Dome," Chester's Mill has a seemingly fun visitor's day at the dome -- until they figure out it's because the outside world is expecting them not to be there anymore after a missile launch.Big Jim, Julia and BarbieDuring the visitor's time, Barbie figures out the military is clearing out for a reason and gets an officer to spill the beans about the military trying a MOAB (mother of all bombs, the biggest non-nuclear bomb they have) on eliminating the dome.Naturally, it doesn't work, because what kind of show would we have if it did? But along the way, Julia gets what seems like a "Dear John" letter from Peter courtesy of his sister, Barbie turns out to really be the muscle for a bookie (we thought that was a ploy) and Big Jim finally decides to let Angie go, then kills Rev. Coggins in a rather gruesome way to keep...



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