'Teen Wolf' recap: Death, blue eyes and baby Derek

Had enough death in "Teen Wolf" Season 3?If so, that's unfortunate, because "Visionary" has a whole bunch of death. There is also tragic love, some funky exposition and many flashbacks.StorytellingSome point in the kind of long ago past, a young (but still cute) Derek Hale runs through the woods, chased by a pack of Argent-led hunters. He and his savior then hide in a basement.Alas, this story is just the beginning. The beginning of two stories, that is.Peter Hale and the blue eyesBetween Peter and Cora Hale, Stiles gets to hear how Derek got his blue eyes and his somber outlook on life. Gerard Argent and the black goop-tinged taleOver in the creepy, goopy nursing home, Grandpa Argent oozes and hacks his way through a story of his own. Scott wants to know how to beat Deucalion and is offering a bit of pain relief in exchange.The key to this whole tale: "Deucalion may...



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