'Suits': Gabriel Macht talks Harvey's arrogance and ambition

Harvey Specter seems to be going it alone in "Suits" Season 3. With his ambition and arrogance taking over in the wake of the Darby and Pearson merger, the question of the season may be: Will Harvey rise or fall?Gabriel Macht, the actor who plays Harvey, had some of the answers.Why is Harvey alienating himself from everyone?Gabriel Macht: His self awareness is lacking. I think he's pretty much a narcissist. It's so fun to play them. You will slowly learn to remove some of the ego that is embedded in his suit, his armor. And he will learn that, if he becomes a little bit more self-aware he won't be making those those active decisions that are just completely baseless at times.What is Harvey's goal with all of this?Gabriel Macht: I think he's got huge ambition. He's always wanted to be a partner, and I think he's too big for his britches at this...



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