'Suits' recap: Harvey's cold heart grows three sizes in 'I Want You to Want Me'

Harvey Specter is an angry man in "Suits" Season 3. That's fair. His career has been difficult and littered with betrayals lately. But, in "I Want You to Want Me," at least Harvey begins to see that no one -- even a great lawyer -- can go it alone.Will it matter? Find out in this recap.Stop 'shipping Harvey and DonnaHarvey and Donna are essentially the same person. It's just that Donna is a little more concerned about feelings than her boss.Feelings aside, most of what Donna wants is to kick butt and get a better office. And neither Harvey nor Donna has any use for one Mike Ross these days.Oh Captain, my Captain!Louis doesn't get to mentor the associates anymore. Instead, Jessica wants him to mentor one single associate. He gets to pick anyone.Now, did Jessica push Louis in the direction of Mike because she felt sorry for Louis? Or does she want Mike...



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