Under the Dome Season 1 Review “Blue on Blue”

Another week, another crisis for the town of Chester’s Mill to face in Under the Dome. In this week’s episode, "Blue on Blue," focused on a visitors’ day of sorts for the town, which ultimately led to the revelation that the military was planning to hit the town with a bomb. This episode reminded me a lot of an episode of Jericho where the town had to face the threat of nuclear fallout. Sadly, Jericho handled the idea of the town facing impending doom by having real stakes. Some of the characters could’ve easily ended up caught in the rain and stricken with radiation poisoning. There was the potential for long-tern consequences. Here, though, the threat just didn’t feel real. They were never going to break the dome with a bomb; it’s the title character, after all. That also meant all of the characters were equally safe, which made this episode feel more like a necessary plot beat than anything else. READ MORE...


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