Twisted Season 1 Review “We Need to Talk About Danny”

And the plot thickens! Just when Twisted seems to finally be getting around to answers-time, a little post-episode pondering just makes the mystery that much deeper. We have the (admittedly, vague) reason why Danny killed his aunt but a heavy hint that it has something to do with Jo thrown in there to confuse things. How is Jo involved, and how exactly would Tara have ruined the Desai family enough to warrant murder from an eleven year old? ‘We Need to Talk About Danny’ struck a great balance between love stuff and mystery solving, and the pacing of the show right now is far better than in series like Pretty Little Liars. None of the character or relationship stuff actively jars with the other parts of the show and, given their complicated history, the love triangle is also very appealing. READ MORE...


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