The Bridge 1.03 Review: "Rio"

There was an interrogation scene about midway through "Rio," where a man who we (the audience) suspect to be the antagonist is being interrogated by our two lead detectives Sonya Cross and Marco Ruiz. The man interrogated, Steven Linder, is being coy when it comes to the questions asked by the two detectives. Sonya coolly keeps firing questions while her partner Ruiz erupts in frustration knowing that Linder is lying. If this situation feels familiar to you it's not just because you watched this week's episode of "The Bridge," it's because we've seen this set of circumstances in movies and TV shows for countless of years. Now, a familiar situation isn't in itself bad. For one, the writer can flip that familiar set-up on the audiences head by luring them in the situation they know all too well then giving them something completely different (Interrogation scene in "The Dark Knight"). For another, the director can make the scene so stylistically interesting that even though their using a well worn trope, it comes off as unique and satisfying ("Inglorious Basterds" eggs in one basket exposition scene). So, how did "The Bridge" execute such a well-worn genre-situation? Well, like the show itself so far, the scene didn't give us anything new. READ MORE...


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