America's Got Talent Live Show Recap

I think there are certain expectations when you sit down to watch live TV. I think most of us watch it on the off-chance someone will mess up, and they will capture it on camera. It is just the American way. So anyone tuning into America's Got Talent's live show last night may have been slightly disappointed by the real lack of any screw ups. Thing is, I would think that most people would be more taken aback by just how unimpressive everything was. Whether or not anyone wants to say it, America's Got Talent is a variety show disguised as a talent show. Variety shows are those weird shows from the 70's where people would do skits, sing songs, dance around, and so forth. And honestly, there is a reason they haven't survived since the 70's. People just aren't entertained by them anymore. And even if you enjoy the try-outs in the first few episodes of the season, by the time you reach the live show, everyone is thinking the same thing: why am I still watching this? And last night's episode only hammered that feeling home. READ MORE...


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