Under the Dome "Blue on Blue" Review: Missile Madness

Last week I described my feelings for Under the Dome with one word: apathy. However, last night I actually found myself a little interested in what was happening in Under the Dome, and that’s because things were actually moving and changing for once. Angie finally got out of the bomb shelter; a missile was shot at the dome, deflecting off of it and destroying the area surrounding Chester’s Mill; and Big Jim, tired of the inane ramblings of the Reverend, murdered him in cold blood. Last night’s episode of Under the Dome had a quality to it that has been missing from the entire series up till this point: a sense of urgency. And while I still think these characters are too paper-thin and the acting way too bland for me to ever fully get invested, I can say, without a doubt, that last night’s episode of Under the Dome, "Blue on Blue," was the best since the series’ pilot. READ MORE...


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