Falling Skies 3.08 "Strange Brew"

The usual push and pull of the invaders vs. the rebels took on a unique visage tonight. Rather than the usual in danger/ out of danger model of storytelling we’ve seen throughout the series, the writers have elected to try something new for Falling Skies. The Flashback/ Dream Sequence. By no means is it a new technique in storytelling but it is new to this particular story so as usual when something shiny and new comes along. I generally hold high hopes for its success Tonights episode might as well have been called "It’s an alien invasion JR". The Espheni invaders have tortured our heroes in a variety of ways. Stripping them of property, killing those they care about, Right down to relieving them of all dignity and self worth. Taking things away is their primary mode of incentive. But what happens when you’ve lost so much, there’s almost nothing left to lose. READ MORE...


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