The Newsroom 2.02 "The Genoa Tip" Review: 10 Things I Hate About You

The real life Charlotte York—let’s play The Newsroom Will MacAvoy is "not who [he] used to be right now." Our glorious hero is having difficulties. Will is still hesitant to report with the same conviction he once did because of his Tea Party remarks. He is googling his name to assess the vitriol against him, and he is still hesitant to appear—in any way—soft on terrorism. When he receives the news about Anwar al-Awlaki (an American citizen) being killed via drone strike, he shrugs it off indifferently. Will does, however, manage to make some serious inroads by the end of "The Genoa Tip." Although he denies Don’s appeal to cover the Troy Davis case utilizing his litigious prowess, he diligently serve as Neal’s attorney to get him released from jail. Later at the bar, he also—while admiring the evocative genius of Willie Nelson—tells Mac that he is demanding to see the memorandum concerning the drone strike. READ MORE...


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