True Blood 6.06 "Don't You Feel Me?" Review: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Have I convinced you all that this Willa as a vampire plot is an allegory for institutional homophobia yet? Well, in "Don’t You Feel Me," Governor Burrell literally says, "Willa, let’s just pray we can fix you." Subsequently, he invokes some kind of dubious scientific cure. I rest my case, folks. Willa lashes out at her dad and demands equal treatment, but her dad is too entrenched in his ideology to be reasoned with. She tells her dad that he is just as responsible for her current circumstances as Eric is. Her side has been chosen: She is a full-fledged vampire. And just like the responsibility borne by Governor Burrell for his daughter’s fate, many of our citizens of Bon Temp are suffering a similar turmoil. Jason Stackhouse feels responsible for Jessica’s encampment and has infiltrated the LAVTF, AKA the "f*** vampire police force." He dazzles the recruit officer in his interview, speaking with great verve about wasting vampires. READ MORE...


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