For the most part, I'm not a fan of when shows vault over important scenes, like "Scar Tissue" did by fast-forwarding us "almost a week later" here in the final season. But this time it was probably for the best. What we missed was Vogel officially introducing herself to Deb and explaining her role in molding Dexter into the killer he is today. And there could have been some benefit in seeing those new ideas sink into Deb's psyche and watching her feel a bit more sympathy for Dexter. But seeing as how the last two episodes felt a bit similar to one another, and worked off the same blueprint, it was good to see Deb moved away from her torment a bit and sober up. It wasn't enough to prevent her from hitting her "rock bottom" (as Vogel would say) by the end of the episode, but the fact that she was clear-headed when she decided to try and kill both Dexter and herself made it all the more powerful. READ MORE...


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