'Doctor Who' movie: 'An Adventure in Space and Time' star David Bradley and director Terry McDonough

At the summer TCA press tour's second cable day, BBC America presented "An Adventure in Space and Time," an upcoming film on the origins of "Doctor Who." Star David Bradley (playing William Hartnell) and director Terry McDonough shared some highlights on the early days of the iconic series.Set in the early '60s at the BBC, the first production of "Doctor Who" was more than a small struggle. The show didn't match the network's programming at the time, it was produced by a woman and it was directed by the BBC's first Indian director.Also, the star was not in the greatest shape by the time they were filming.The movie focuses on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the production. As a result, viewers will see the politics of the production, shot-for-shot reproductions of the early episodes and even odd bits of trivia -- like the voice of the original Daleks was a man sitting off to the...



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